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Yes, you can change an electrical socket yourself, if you have the correct tools and electrical knowledge. When it comes to electrical projects, changing an electrical socket is fairly simple. However, if you do not have the correct electrical skills and you are not comfortable with electrical work, you should have a licensed electrician perform the replacement for you. You may also want to have an electrician change your electrical outlet for you if your outlet needs to be upgraded. To get your electrical outlet replaced, contact us today

A few ways you can tell if an outlet is bad are: 

  • Your outlet does not work. 
  • Your outlet has burn marks or burning smells coming from it. 
  • Your outlet is loose.

If you notice an issue with your outlet’s operation, that is generally an indication that the outlet is going bad and will need to be replaced soon. To find out more about getting your outlet replaced, call us today

Outlets in one room of your house may not be working because your circuit breaker has tripped or your GFCI outlet has tripped. To fix these issues, you should try resetting either your circuit breaker or your GFCI outlet. Before you attempt to reset either of these, you should try to determine what caused the trip. If you are not familiar with electrical work, you should have an electrician diagnose and repair your outlet for you. To get your outlet repaired, give us a call today

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Bathroom lighting upgrade. Customer wanted two lights over double vanity instead of one. Moved the existing light to over one sink and wired a new light to go over the other sink.

Near Kings Ct, Forest Park, OK 73121
Bobby D.

Bobby D.


Near NE 36th St, Forest Park, OK 73121
Justin N.

Justin N.

Bonding gas line per city code. Bonding gas line for customer to have his gas service restored. He was referred by another happy customer of Edge Electric.

Near N Maxwell Dr, Forest Park, OK 73121


I am installing to 2 new outdoor plugs for a residential customer. One of the plugs is for a pump for their fish pond.

Near Starwood Dr, Forest Park, OK 73121