Electrical Outlets for Your Oklahoma City Home or Business

Outlets are integral to the performance of your home or business. Not only do they supply power to the devices you use on a daily basis, but their placement can determine the layout and function of any given room. The experienced electricians at Edge Electric know what it takes to have the right electrical outlets in the right place, to make sure that your appliances are as effective, efficient and safe as possible. Edge Electric will install, replace or repair outlets any type or electrical capacity, such as:

Ideal for offices or areas with multiple appliances, 2 duplex outlets allow up to four oversized plugs in close proximity, saving you the tangled mess of extension cords.

Large appliances like washers and dryers often require their own circuits and outlets to handle their high electrical demand.

Having outlets near your cooking surfaces can add a level of convenience to your food preparation, allowing you to maximize counter space and efficiency.

Perfect for your electric vehicle or other chargeable device, having a dedicated charging station provides the peace of mind to know you’ll never lose power.

A ground fault circuit interrupter in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry area will prevent any shorts or dangerous power overloads caused by water around your electrical devices.

Sometimes, wall outlets don’t provide the convenience you need for furniture and mobile appliances. A floor outlet will give you on-the-spot power when you need it.

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Outlet Repairs

Often times, a repair is a cost effective solution to better efficiency and safety. Outlets needing repair suffer from:

  • Damaged panels or receptacles

  • “Backstabbed” outlets

  • Loose or disconnected wiring

  • Unresponsive outlets

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