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When it comes to your home’s climate control, there are many things you can do to maximize performance and save money. Perhaps one of the biggest tricks is to make sure the heated or cooled air is circulated throughout rooms. While vents and window units can perform in that role, nothing compares to having a ceiling fan pushing air throughout your home.

With an Edge fan installation, not only are you addressing any air circulation issues, but you’re also providing an aesthetic complement to your home’s look. Multiple speed settings also allow you to customize how your fan works, further improving your energy economy. With a ceiling fan installation from Edge Electric, you can ensure that you are not only saving money, but are experiencing the benefits of:

  • Decorative Options

  • Increased Airflow and HVAC Performance

  • Low Maintenance

  • Increased Energy Efficiency

  • Quiet Operation

  • All Weather Effectiveness

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You can tell if a ceiling fan capacitor is bad by listening and watching the fan. The capacitor gives your ceiling fan the initial burst of power to start rotating. If the capacitor is not working properly, the motor will still run but the fan will not rotate. If you hear a humming sound from your fan and it is not working properly, most likely it is the capacitor. If the fan is running too slowly it might also indicate a problem with the capacitor.

Edge Electric offers flat rate pricing for all electrical and ceiling fan services.

This price depends on a few factors:

  • Was there a fan there before? If so, your cost will be less than if an electrician needs to run wiring, add a circuit or ceiling breaker.
  • Is it easily accessible? If you want the fan on a 20 foot high ceiling, the price could go up as installation will probably take longer.
  • What size and type? Depending on the size of the room and the type of fan you are choosing, the cost could go up. Larger motors are required for larger fans and will affect the price.

For a more accurate quote on ceiling fan installation, contact Edge Electric today!

How long it will take to install a ceiling fan depends on a few things:

  • If electrical wiring is already in place, about one hour.
  • If removing an existing fan, between 1 – 2 hours.
  • If nothing in the room and new wiring is necessary, 4 – 5 hours.

For more information on ceiling fan installation, contact the experts at Edge Electric.

The Benefits of a Professional Ceiling Fan Installation

While the installation of a ceiling fan seems like an easy do-it-yourself project, it is actually very complicated to perform correctly. By having Edge Electric install your fan, you’ll be avoid dangers that come along with:

  • Shock & Fire

  • Improper Wiring

  • Falls & Injuries During Self-Installation

  • Uneven Installation

  • Missing Parts

Experience Edge Electric Difference

Perhaps one of the most satisfying benefits of running a ceiling fan in your home or business is the immediate impact it has on your energy bill. By keeping the temperature constant and consistent throughout a room, your thermostat can get a more accurate read of the climate and put less effort into adjusting it, preventing the toll it takes on your HVAC equipment. You’ll experience this benefit all year long, as it works for both warm and cold air.

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