Great lighting can set the mood for a room, even change the entire feel of a house. That’s why it’s so often the secret weapon of interior designers – and why Edge Electric can help you with great ideas to make the most of your home and bring your own personal touch to it.

“Lighting to fulfill your home’s potential”

Edge Electric offer all kinds of lighting solutions thought Oklahoma City metro area whether you are simply updating or remodeling.

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New Light Installations:

Adding new lights to a room, or lighting different parts of a room.

Accent Lighting:

Adding that special or unique touch to a living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

Track Lighting:

For a modern look in any room.

New Light Switches:

More convenient light switch locations, updated switch designs, or even dimmers for greater control of your lighting environment.

Electrical Remodels:

Including kitchen and bathroom upgrades – lights directly over your range and kitchen surfaces can be more practical than a single light fitting in the middle of the ceiling; this can avoid casting a shadow over your food preparations. Accent and cupboard lighting can also add that bit of extra personality to a room.

Lighting Repairs and Safety Inspections:

Repairs to light fittings, safety inspections (previous owners of your home may have attempted some amateur electrical work – which is a potential problem if unsafe or non-compliant with building codes when you come to sell the home).

Outdoor Lighting:

Light up the outside of your home with great lighting options.

Because of the potential hazards of DIY electrical work, most electrical projects should only be done by licensed professionals. With professional installation, you can rest assured that the job will be done perfectly with lasting results. If you attempt to change a light fitting yourself, you may end up installing it incorrectly and having to call an electrician to fix it, so it can be a more convenient option to call an electrician to handle it.

Edge Electric offers professional electrical services from certified electricians. To find out more about the electrical services we offer, contact us today!

Yes. If you’re installing a ceiling light in your home, you’ll need to make sure that the fixture is grounded. Ground wires are a safety feature that allow excess electrical charges to be directed to the ground in the event of a power surge. This helps to prevent both electric shock and electrical fires.

At Edge Electric, your safety is our number one priority. Call us to find out more about our electrical services today!

LED landscape lights are a great energy-efficient way to accentuate and illuminate your landscape and outdoor decor with the added benefits of providing additional safety and security. LED lights are also a great alternative to traditional incandescent lighting. They are more energy efficient, long lasting, and more durable which makes them the perfect outdoor lighting option.

Edge Electric can help to improve the look, safety, and security of your living space. To find out more about our LED landscape light design and installation services, call us today!

LED Upgrades:

Consider upgrading to LED with Edge Electric! You will receive a Lifetime Guarantee along with many options for levels and tones of light.Our LED lights can will fit the needs of any room of any home.

For all your lighting needs in Oklahoma City, Edge Electric can help you with friendly advice, great service, all pricing up-front, and a lifetime workmanship guarantee. Call Edge Electric today at (405) 691 3343.

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