The Importance of the Electrical Code

The U.S. Fire Administration’s Incident Reporting System, nearly 50,000 home fires a year are the direct result of some sort of electrical malfunction. These electrical fires alone result in hundreds of deaths, and over a billion dollars in property damage annually. Of these, almost all could have been prevented if they were up to the National Electrical Code’s standard. To ensure that your Oklahoma City home or business doesn’t fall victim to an electrical hazard or poor installation, call Edge Electric for a code inspection and upgrade.

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Adhering to the National Electric Code

The National Electric Code (NEC) represents the sole electrical safety standard in the United States today. Based on statistics by organizations such as the U.S. Fire Administration, the NEC is designed to save lives as well as produce better education for electricians and casual consumers alike.

Only reputable and responsible electrical companies will adhere to the NEC. That’s why Edge Electric’s staff of licensed and experienced electricians is committed to surpassing each and every standard set by the Code. Our electricians are constantly staying up-to-date on changes to the NEC, and always apply it to any work done. Add this to the latest tools and leading-edge technology, and any code inspection becomes a complete experience designed to bring you maximum convenience and protection. An Edge Electric inspection will involve:

  • A complete checkup of your current electrical electrical system, identifying flaws and areas of needed improvement

  • A complete home safety assessment of your home after every job, regardless of the size and type, to make sure it meets NEC standards.

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