Expert Oklahoma City Generator Installation with Edge Electric

In the Midwest, threats of power loss can come at any time of the year. Especially during storm season, homes and businesses alike can fall victim to flash floods, tornadoes and lightning strikes, leaving them without power for extended periods of time. While smaller power outages like tripped breakers and blown fuses are easily remedied, the solution for large scale outages is not always so simple. In Oklahoma City, homes and businesses depend on Edge Electric to get them back online when the power company can’t. A backup generator installation from Edge Electric can not only bring your home back online, but help to keep your home running efficiently and at full capacity.

Backup Generator Installation and Repairs

If your home is without a generator, you may be putting your home and safety on the line. You could save thousands of dollars by keeping your home running with a new or repaired generator, preventing:

  • Wasted Perishables: avoid refrigerated and frozen food going bad and thawing out, which can be expensive and time consuming to restock.

  • Need for Shelter: a room for your family could cost hundreds of dollars a night, and in an emergency it can be hard to come by.

  • Temperature Extremes: a backup generator can keep your water heater and climate control systems operational, meaning that in the winter, your home will stay habitable and you’ll avoid pipes from freezing and cracking.

  • Flooding: if your sump pump goes unpowered, water may back up into your home, meaning that you will have to pay thousands to clean up, remodel and replace any damaged investments.

  • Dangers: a well-lit home is a safe home. In the event of a widespread blackout, be sure that you deter any crime or home damage with both your interior and external security systems remaining lit.

We take pride in being the number one choice for quality electrical work in the OKC area.