The demands of modern living could overload your home’s electrical systems, especially if you have an older house. In these cases, you need an expert electrician skilled at rewiring a house. That’s where Edge Electric comes in.

We’ve worked with many new homebuyers who find that the previous owner was creative with home wiring. We’ve uncovered issues such as:

  • Switches that control outside lights and inside lights at the same time. When the internal lights were on, so were the giant flood lights outside.

  • Poorly wired kitchens that caused half of a refrigerator to work while the other half was out.

  • Old, hand-wired stoves that required the installation of a brand new outlet in order to accommodate the new appliance.

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Edge Electric specializes in troubleshooting these types of electrical issues. We will provide a quote and get your rewiring job done quickly–no matter if it’s big or small.

Every job comes with a price guarantee. If the work required goes beyond the quoted price, we’ll fix the issue without changing the quote.

It is strongly advised that you do NOT rewire a house yourself for the following reasons:

  • Fires or electrocution could occur due to faulty wiring.
  • Electricians must complete hundreds of hours of training before they can get their license, so even though it might seem simple to rewire a house, it’s most likely much more involved.
  • You could fail the inspection and have to hire out the work anyway.
  • An insurance company could deny your claim if it was found you were negligent when rewiring, which ended up causing damage to your home.

Did you know that electrical malfunction is listed by the US Fire Administration as one of the top causes of house fires? To protect yourself, your family and your property, call an electrician for your rewiring needs. The electricians at Edge Electric are not only licensed and highly trained, they have years of experience rewiring homes. Contact us today for your rewiring needs!

Yes, you can rewire a house without removing the drywall. In order to do so electricians will need access to the crawlspace or attic and will feed cables in through the top or bottom of the wall. This method saves time and the expense of removing and replacing drywall. If on a slab and you do not have an attic, it might not be possible to rewire without removing the drywall, unfortunately.

To learn more contact Edge Electric today.

It will usually take about a week for an electrician to rewire a house. If drywall must be removed and replaced it might take longer. For a more accurate estimate on time and price, contact Edge Electric and we will be happy to answer any questions.

We take pride in being the number one choice for quality electrical work in the OKC area.