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Wall switches are critical to your home electrical performance. You interact with them every time you enter or leave a room, and can sometimes take them for granted. That’s why Edge Electric knows the importance of having enough switches to not only control your light sources, but to make sure they are wired correctly to keep your home lit safely and efficiently.

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Not only can switches deteriorate from time and usage, but sometimes they are wired incorrectly or may not meet the needs of the light fixture. Edge Electric can help you determine the right type of switch for each fixture, and make sure that it can provide you years of dependable operation and efficiency. Some situations that call for replacement:

  • Failure to meet building codes/standards

  • Unresponsive switches

  • Damaged parts and frayed wiring

  • General wear-and-tear from daily use

New Installations

Whether you’re re-configuring your home’s lighting setup or starting new construction, it’s important to have switches in the right place. Edge’s experienced electricians will take the time to assess your home’s lighting and energy needs to recommend and install new switches in your home, providing a safe & efficient custom setup that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. By installing new outlets, you’ll reduce the chance of overloading circuits and promote efficient energy consumption.

A Focus on Safety

While it can be tempting to replace a light switch yourself, it takes a knowledgeable professional to make sure it’s done right. Not only is safety an issue, but there are many disadvantages to even the smallest wiring error or overlooked code violations.

To replace a wall light switch is a fairly simple job for an electrician to complete. Edge Electric offers flat rate pricing so you’ll know up front what you will pay upfront. Upgrades or complications will increase the price.

For a free estimate contact Edge Electric. We are happy to discuss costs or other details on wall light switch replacements.

Yes, wall switches can go bad and it is a very common electrical problem. A switch is used thousands of times in its lifespan and will eventually need to be replaced. Some indications it is time to replace your light switch include:

  • Popping or cracking sound when the switch is flipped.
  • After flipping the switch, it takes a few moments for the light to go on.
  • Sparking, smoking or scorching from the switch or on the cover plate.
  • Light switch feels warm to the touch.
  • Switch becomes stiff and hard to flip.

Are you having issues with a light switch? Edge Electric provides reliable and affordable wall switch replacement services. Contact us today for more details or to schedule a service.

On average an electrician can install a light switch in under an hour. If upgrading to a different type of switch it may take longer.

Although some choose to install light switches themselves, many instead hire an electrician. If you do not have previous electrical experience it is highly recommended that you do not perform any electrical work, even a simple light switch installation. An electrician will not only get the job done safely, they can identify potential problems and address them first.

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